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She found a connection with yoga and from there her journey began. Often exploring various classes she started to notice the awareness and focus it developed.

By Christina's mid 20's she immersed herself into the regular practice of Hatha yoga. Throughout her first year Christina observed the changes yoga was having on her body and completed her first teach training at Flow Yoga with Alex Armstrong. Christina's understanding for yoga grew and in 2008 travelled to Europe and completed 200 hours of Yinyasa Yoga. It was then, after an injury and rehabilitation that Christina appreciated her physical yoga practice. With determination, that experience proved to her, that when you direct your energy, shifts are made.

In 2009 Christina set out to explore more about yoga, she travelled to India to experience Tantra Yoga with Rachel Zinman. A new perspective arose and her spirituality heightened.

In 2012, Christina felt her practice needed to excel and after attending work shops at Yoga Om with many international teachers, she intuitively felt that this was the place for it to develop.

In January 2013 Christina began regular Ashtanga and Yin Classes enhancing her practice. With dedication Christina strengthened on many levels with her Yang practice but it was Yin Yoga that inspired her.. This balance of opposites, the internal connection of meridians to the organs, the calming aspect of Yin yoga and challenge of deepening into poses and quietening the mind.

These two styles was exactly what was needed to balance her very busy lifestyle. The sensations emanated, noticing the relief it brought to her, Christina envisioned returning to teaching and so she completed 200 hours intensive of Yin Yoga with Jo Phee and Joe Barnett in Bali 2013. This training enriched her understanding, broadened her knowledge and empowered her to share with others, the gift of yoga.

Christina runs her own beauty business, encourages natural therapies, has an interest in Ayurveda and believes in the rewards the body gives to us when we give to our bodies.

Yoga for me is a journey of the self, it has brought awareness and freedom to my mind and body. It challenges me and keeps me motivated to explore more of what we are capable of. Namaste

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