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Courses Available
Courses Available
Courses Available
Our Beginner yoga classes are for those who are new to yoga or have limited yoga experience. It is advisable to commence at this level if you have done only a few classes at another yoga school or are returning to yoga after a long break.

In Beginners classes, we focus on alignment and composition. We spend time breaking down postures and refining our understanding of the practice. These classes are designed to enable us to be stronger and more confident in the Ashtanga Guided, Vinyasa, and Mysore classes.

Some of the postures and movements may seem completely awkward and hard at first, as is with anything new, but with practice and patience the movements and postures become easier and students will notice how quickly they learn and progress.
  • The Courses run for 5 weeks.
  • You can book for once a week - $85
  • Or Twice a week - $140
  • Choose a Date and e mail us (Please check below for Course Dates)
  • Make a payment via DD/Pay Pal/Cash/Cheque
  • Fill out the Registration form and bring it to the course (Please check below for the form)

Beginners Intensive courses are designed to enable the students to participate in the Mysore classes and develop a self practice.
We offer Beginners Intensive - 2 week option and 4 week option. The classes are held 4 times a week.
The first 2 weeks of the course it is advisable to attend Monday - Thursday.
The next 2 weeks we like the students to do Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Beginners Intensive focuses on learning the Ashtanga Primary Sequence. We help with basic alignment, movement and breath techniques. Classes are slow yet strong and focus will be on building strength and creating space for the breath and connecting with the practice.

We slowly build on the practice and breath connection and create a rhythm within the sequence. As your strength improves and you start to link the postures like a beads on a necklace, postures will be added and full backbends and shoulder stands will be introduced.

As there are no set dates, we happy for you to start on a Monday, but please send us an e mail or call us and we’ll give you a start date.

Please read the Practice Notes below.

Practice Notes

  • Clothing should be non binding and appropriate to season and temperature. Shorts and a teeshirt, leggings and an exercise top work well. Do not wear socks, tops with tight or turtle necks and avoid baggy clothing that lumps up when practicing.
  • For Hygiene purposes we recommend your own mat, however if you do not have a mat as yet, we have mats at the studio.
  • Please arrive 15 mins before the class starts.
  • Yoga is best done on an empty stomach so allow 3 hours after a main meal or 1 ½ – 2 hours after a light meal.
  • Classes run for 75 minutes.
  • We are closed on Public Holidays.
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