What should I bring for a class?

Just yourself and a towel if you tend to sweat and if the weather is hot! If you get sweaty and slippery towels are great to have handy and also good to use on bolsters and blankets. We have mats and props at the studio, always free to use. We don’t stock bottled water! We have filtered water on tap for you to refill.

What should I wear?

Wear warm breathable clothing that does not limit your range of motion. For more vigorous movement based classes, it would be best to have tights / trackies / shorts and really lovely to have a few extra layers for the more restorative and Yin classes.

When do you run Beginners Classes?

We offer Beginners Intensive in the mornings starting at 6am - 7:15am. The course runs for a duration of 4 weeks, 4 times a week. If you prefer the evenings, we offer a 6pm Beginners Class.

Where is your entrance?

Our entry is around the back of the Laundromat. When you arrive at the centre, please walk to the back through the black gate next to the Laundromat.

Please note we are only open when there is a class running. Please have a look at the schedule before you come.

Where do I park?

The front 6 bays are for customer parking for the Bridal Shop and Yoga Om. There are 2 signed bays for the laundromat, please leave these empty. Outside of normal business hours (early morning and evening classes) you can park anywhere out the front.

I have practiced Yoga before, do I still need to do the Beginners Course?

Not really, but it is hard to say without meeting you in person. If you are a Perth resident, the best option would be to bring your ID to the studio and sign up for the Intro Offer (30 Days Unlimited Yoga for $49). You get to meet the different teachers and try the different classes. The Beginners Intensive (6am) classes are not included in this offer.

Can I come to the studio to find out more or speak to someone?

The best way to contact us would be to send us an email or give us a call. We don’t have a receptionist, we only open when there is a class on. Check our Home page for our Contact details.

I have never done Yoga before, what classes are best to drop in?

Wednesday 9:30am - Yin Restore

Wednesday 6pm - Beginners

Thursday - 6pm - Hatha

Thursday - 7:30pm Yin

Saturday - 7:30am Meditation

Saturday - 9:30am Yin Yang